Caring for your T-Shirts

1. Turn your t-shirts inside out before putting them in the washing machine. It helps to ensure prints on your t-shirts are less prone to damage while it is being washed. Handwashing is actually better if you can!

2. Wash your t-shirts with cold water. Cold or Lukewarm water is always much better than warm or hot water when washing t-shirts.

3. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners. The use of bleach or strong detergents might damage prints on a t-shirt. Preferably use bar soap or milder detergent in taking care of your printed t-shirts.

4. Never iron directly on the printed t-shirt. If there is really a need to iron, lower the temperature settings of the iron, turn the t-shirt inside out and iron preferably with a steam iron. Ironing directly on t-shirts will damage the prints.

5. Avoid dryers at all costs. Dryer shrinks t-shirts (especially cotton t-shirts) as well as damage t-shirt prints, making them crack or peel.

6. Wash similar clothes together. Wash white t-shirts together, and don’t mix them with other coloured t-shirts.